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12 Friday, August 2016

Poland, The heart of Europea...

From 24-30 August 2015 An intensive seminar entitled ‘Poland in the Heart of European History’, took place in the Polish Congress House Jabłonna Palace near Warsaw. EUROCLIO Ambassador Ineke Veldhuis-Meester reports: The...

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28 Tuesday, June 2016

Ship Navigation Program starts in 2017 in Eng...

In the period 25-27 October, an international conference of Konsberg Maritime A.S. simulator users was held in Athens. The main theme of the meeting was “The Role of Human Factors in Simulation and Training”.  The idea o...

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25 Monday, July 2016

The advantage of studying in Poland...

Good 5 top reasons to studying in Poland 1. Higher education qualityIn Poland higher education has a long tradition. First university was established in 1364 in Cracow. The Cracow Academy was being one of the oldest acad...

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23 Saturday, July 2016

Polonya Kultur Oriantation Camp 2016 held at ...

Polonya Ünversiteleri Başvuru Merkezi olan Polonya Eğitim ve Kültür Derneği ,Geleneksel  Oryantasyon Kampı 2016 büyük bir katılım ile gerçekleştirildi. Ülkemiz adına üzüntü verici olan ve halk tarafından püskürtülen darb...

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Uğur Özer

Mechanical Engineering

Varşova Teknoloji

My name is Uğur. I am from Turkey. When I applied to Polonya Kultur I was wonder if the company is good enough for me. The best part of the company is being professional. They help me to pass the interview with the university of Warsaw. I am very gl...

Burak Ö

Master Of Business Administration

Kozminski University

I found Polonya Kultur on internet and I was very excited when I got their office I was very welcome. They help me to prepare myself to the intervew section. I am very happy that I am accapted to Kozminski after getting refused by AGH University of...

Ezgi C.


SWPS Pyschology

Polonya Kultur is a very professional company and at the same time the team is very freindly. I was very curious in the begining of my schedule and I had asked them hundreds of questions. Each time they reply me kindly and with a very very big patien...

M. Ali G.



I decided to study Psychology in Poland after I met Polonya Kultur. The company asssist me from the begining very properly and they advice me in each step. Now I have booked my accomodation and soon I will be studying at SWPS in Warsaw. I am very ha...